Credit Hours

Here is where you can learn about earning credit hours for being active in the SUNY Potsdam ACM. Take a look at the initial proposal here. Eventually, we will post it to the website here.


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Meeting Times

Regular ACM meetings are Friday at 4:00 PM in Dunn Hall, 206. Other meetings will be announced.


SUNY Potsdam ACM Website

Projects, Project Ideas, Talks, Workshops Spreadsheet

Trello Board for Managing Work


-- COURSE NUM -- is a multidisciplinary project courses that have been set up to award course credit for participation in ACM and for open source projects in general. It is available to enroll in each of these courses for between 1 and 3 credits. Exceptions can be made to adjust requirements on a case by case basis, but that requires prior discussion and arrangement.

Student Responsibilites

  1. Attend regular meetings
  2. Summarizing experiences/contributions to the club faculty advisor via a presentation (found at Details found on our README) at the following times:
  3. Contributing to the ACM as specified in the requirements overseen by the executive board and faculty advisor
  4. When you enroll in a the course, the number of credit hours you register for determines the requirements. The following table describes these requirements.


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Spring 2017 Students

Jesse Peplinski